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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nigel lambert with his woodfired kiln

Nigel Lambert, (in photo) will be joining us this year for what looks like another exiting pottery weekend camp here in Orkney. with Nigel, firing earthenware in a 30cu ft wood-gas kiln,using some of the locally dug  clay using his unique glazing technique's, Nigel, will also be demonstrating throwing, and hand building, (not to be missed) along with a short talk and slide show about his current work,
There will also be an opportunity to purchase some of his ceramic pieces.

Do come and join us, This could be an ideal opportunity to make it into a holiday and see some of the many magical islands and beautiful scenic landscapes of Orkney,  with dramatic breathtaking skies. excellent  fishing lochs,and an abundance of local arts and crafts.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hello everyone, I thought I would give a quick update regarding the Kilns, Clay Fire and Fun event in July. I ‘m up at Dave’s place at the moment to help get some of the things sorted / planned .

I arrived yesterday to lovely sunshine. Everyone I spoke to told me it would be awful weather but no, this is Orkney and weather wise it’s always unpredictable.

We spent yesterday chopping wood for the wood firings. Dave, Janet and I have spent hours trying to come up with something for everyone and we think we have done it !

It’s all still a bit fluid at the moment but today we have been constructing a small fast fire kiln made with ceramic fibre. It took about an hour to make and we intend to try it out tonight. We aim to do a salt glaze firing in half an hour ! The fibre doesn’t like salt so we do expect some disagreement but it will be fun – I think it’s great pushing the boundaries.

Dave is well on in the construction of the wood fired kiln, it looks really impressive even now.

If anyone out there is thinking of coming and they want to try something out let us know as soon as possible and we will see what we can do.

How about this for the Friday evening, THE WRIGLEY SISTERS are performing. They are good, very good, they have performed all over the world, check them out on the net.

Tomorrow we are digging the pit for the (guess what) pit firing! Chopping some more wood will also be on the menu !

We are hoping to see some of the lovely people who attended last year. It was such a great atmosphere and everyone got involved…great!

We can’t guarantee the weather but we can guarantee that the events on offer will be even more fun than last year. The food won’t be any better ‘cause you can’t improve on perfection…bring it on!

P S  a mutual friend Lesley  is offering a special rate for B&B at the Island's Retreat. She can accommodate 7 - 8 people for £20 per night per person (3 or more nights ...). Visit Orkney Retreat for details.