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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Last Years Camp Shapinsay

Dave , Janet and myself, are in the process of organising/planning the second camp for 2011. We hope to build on last years event and make it even better !
Last years camp was a great learning experience and we learned so much.
Looking back, I think we tried to do too much. We built kilns i.e. a kiln made of wine bottles which was really interesting, particularly when the firelight shone through the bottles.I wouldn't recommend it as a reliable way of firing pots but on a summers evening, it only added to the great atmosphere.
We built a simple updraught kiln, similar to one I made 30 years ago, which had inspired me to start potting.
The bank kiln was a great collective project. It was heart warming to see everyone 'mucking in.'
Those who were there, will remember the prehistoric firing, which reminded us of how timeless pottery is - what would archeology do without us ?
On the last day, we really got into the raku which proved really popular. It's so immediate and dramatic.
I wish we had done more. We hope to address this at the next camp by doing Raku throughout the weekend ...can't wait !
We had several wheels on the go, it was great to be reminded of how exciting throwing a pot is for first timers. The hand building produced some really creative pieces and it was good to see everyone interacting.
I would make a special mention of the people who attended the Camp...they were marvellous!
It was a pleasure to share the warm experience with them.
I would also mention the food provided by us and prepared by one of the islander’s, it only added to what for me was a truly warm fulfilling experience. See you next time !